When we are watching the existing order in nature, we are amazed by the incredible control that is evident in both, micro and macro worlds, but in our egoistic state, lacking perception of nature's altruistic mode of operation, our main problem is that we are unaware of our inequality with nature and the harm it causes in the world. 

A better world is attainable by rising above our ego that grips on our choices. 

The world reflects our attitude toward the world. We must change our attitude to see a better world. To change our attitude we must change the intention in our desire. Intention is the field of understanding to unite with others to discover the Upper force that manages all of reality. Unite means that the actions which were previously discernible as multiple are now merged into a single action as the altruistic attribute of the Upper force in nature.

Jorge Alejandro DelaVega
Bnei Baruch Kabbalah
Education & Research Institute